Erasmus Plus Project ‘IE3 – Industrial Engineering and Management of European Higher Education’

IE3 is a three years Education Project (Action: Knowledge Alliance 2) started on last November 1st, 2019. Please find attached the presentation of the project at the kick-off meeting of Bruxelles (feb 4, 2020).

Project ‘IE3 presentation in PDF
The web site of the IE3 project
The IE3 Faceboook link
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Research Project 1: Design of a Degree Program of Advanced Industrial Management

Research Project 2: Experimental Learning in Industrial Management

The new project „Experimental Learning in industrial Management“ got introduced by Professor Deuse at the AIM Conference 2012 in Budapest. Due to the positive response a first meeting at the Technical University Dortmund was arranged in January 2013. The meeting was held on the 10th of January 2013.
Participants: Gianno Mummolo (Italy), Jens Ove Riis (Denmark), John Johansen (Denmark), Poul Israelsen (Denmark), Jeanne Duvallet (France), Gülgün Alpan (France), Fabien Mangione (France), Uwe Dombrowski (Germany), Hendrik van Landeghem (Belgium), Johannes Cottyn (Belgium), Kryzystof Santarek (Poland), Andreas Jäger (Austria), Jochen Deuse (Germany), Marlies Steffen (Germany, minutes)

Below you will find the three presentations of the meeting:
Jochen Deuse Experimental Learning in Industrial Engineering
Jens O. Riis Dimensions of Experiential Learning
Jochen Deuse, Marlies Steffen Experimental Learning in Industrial Engineering at TU Dortmund University